Pancreas Education and Research News Letter


What is it?

The Pancreas Education and Research News Letter (PEaRL) is a publication for patients and families who are in Dr Whitcomb’s research studies (for example, the 1000 patients in the NAPS2 study, or the hundreds of families in the Hereditary Pancreatitis study or the Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Gene-Environment Risk – PAGER study).  It is designed to provide updates on research results, information for children (Kid’s Corner) and to answer clinical questions (Ask Dr Whitcomb).

Free PEaRLs!

Copies of recent issue can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

PEaRL Summer 2016 – International Consensus on Chronic Pancreatitis Definitions – TPIAT Study, HP Study.

PEaRL Winter 2016 – HP study, PancreasFest

PEaRL Summer 2015 – HP study, PancreasFest

PEaRL Winter 2012CLDN2 gene – INSPPIRE – Robotic Pancreatectomy in Pittsburgh

PEaRL Summer 2012DDW – Hereditary Pancreatitis Update.

PEaRL Winter 2011Pain, Endoscopy and surgery – Kids and Diabetes.

PEaRL Fall 2011Children with acute pancreatitis – coping with genetic risk

PEaRL_Summer_2011PancreasFest2011 – alcohol and pancreatitis.

Fall 2010PancreasFest2010 – NAPS2

Fall 2009 – PancreasFest 2009 – MMPSG is CAPER!

Spring 2009 – Pancreatitis genes

Fall 2008 – Report of PancreasFest 2008

Spring 2007 – Alcohol and Pancreatitis

Winter 2006Palladin gene discovery

Summer 2006Smoking

Spring 2006 – EUS FNA

Fall 2005 – PancreasFest 2005

Spring 2005 – Hereditary Pancreatitis clinics

Winter 2004 – Hereditary Pancreatitis disease